Bookings, Amendments
and Cancellations
Can you customise a tour for us?
How much in advance should I book a trail?
What if I have to cancel?
Can I book a private tour?
Can I request a change in the trail time?
Can you arrange for local transport?
Can I pay by cheque or credit card?
Do I have to pay in advance?
Our Trails
What can I buy on the Bazaar Trail?
I am interested in temples. Which temples do you cover on your trails?
We do not want to visit temples or churches on the tour. Can we skip those?
I am interested in photography. Will I get an opportunity to take photographs on your trails?
Are the trails safe?
Why do some of your trails start so early?
Which places will you show us on these trails?
What kind of dressing is appropriate?
Where do I report for the trail?
How much do I have to walk on your trails?
Are the trails child friendly?
What if it rains on the day of the trail?
Will some of the places we visit be crowded?