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Mumbai, a city that is constantly on the move, a city that is full colour and exuberance and a city where the past, present and future, live together in shocking harmony.

Once a Portuguese trading post called the Bombaim, or the ‘good little bay’, there is certainly nothing little about Mumbai today. With over 18 million inhabitants from all across India and the world and a city boundary that keeps growing, it is no surprise that this is India’s ‘Maximum city’. Today, it is the capital of the state of Maharashtra and a thriving centre for business, art and culture. Famed for its epic crowds, Bollywood, colonial heritage, migrant history and food, Mumbai is magnetic.

Travellers here are spoilt for choice. Architecture buffs can roam the streets of South Mumbai, and marvel at the magnificent colonial buildings. A short ferry ride from the busy city centre takes visitors to the Elephanta caves. And a short ride out of Mumbai gets you to the mountains. Mumbai’s markets are some of the busiest you will see and its street food is some of the best in the world. What will your Mumbai be about?

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