Storyteller/ Trail Hosts

We are looking for smart, articulate, well-read individuals to lead our walking tours in Chennai, Madurai, Pondicherry, Trivandrum, Kochi and Mumbai. Can you talk about your city with passion and tell its stories with panache? Age, qualifications or prior experience don’t really matter as much as an aptitude for public speaking and an interest in history. Love talking? Make it pay! Our storytellers have been a motley bunch – journalists, travel writers, radio-jockeys, teachers, lawyers, theatre artists and many retired professionals. Both full-time and freelance opportunities exist. Write to [email protected]

Essential Requirements


We won’t ask if you don’t want to tell. As long as you are old enough, physically able and mentally sharp.


An undergraduate degree in any field is essential. We may ask you what you are currently reading. Other than that, just do well in the audition and the assignment that will follow, and we’ll give you all the training you will need to star in this role.


None required. Give us a shout if you have a gift for the gab and enjoy talking to an audience. If you have any theatre or public speaking experience, that will be a plus.

Full-time/ Part-time:

We offer both full-time and part-time positions.

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