The Southern King who brought Ganga to his backyard | GangaiKonda Cholapuram

July 12, 2021

1000 years ago, there lived a mighty king in south India. He sent his army on a long expedition from Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu all the way to modern day Bangladesh. His army defeated many kingdoms en route, and brought back water from the holy river Ganga. He poured this water into a lake he built, the Chola Gangam, one of the largest manmade lakes in India till date. He used the water to anoint his new capital city, Gangaikonda Cholapuram. This king commanded the largest blue water navy in Indian history, and used it effectively to subdue Srivijaya, a  southeast Asian kingdom that lay 3000 kilometers away. He also brought much of South India and Srilanka under his direct control. The magnificent temple he built still stands tall as a charming celebration of his might and power. This is the story of the greatest Chola king - Rajendra Chola

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